Precast Concrete Storm Drainage

precast concrete manholes

Precast Supply offers a wide range of precast concrete storm drainage products.

Before storm drainage infrastructure, rainwater runoff from our highways, roads, and parking lots would pick up oil and other pollutants as the water made its way into our eco-system, poisoning our rivers and streams.

Nowadays, this no longer occurs due to EPA’s regulations and guidance. Stormwater runoff is captured via a storm drain infrastructure before being released into the environment. Precast Supply’s concrete storm drainage products offer the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extended service life more than 100 years
  • Reduced impact on the installation site because the drains are delivered wholly manufactured
  • An excellent choice for LEED certification


  •  Stormwater Collection
  •  Catch Basins
  •  Commercial
  •  Industrial

Storm Manhole Datasheets

Waffle Box Datasheets

Wall Box & DCB Datasheets

Advantages and Benefits

  •  Fast & Easy Installation
  •  Same Day Backfill
  •  DOT and/or NPCA Certified Plant Results in High Quality Assurance
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